Founder – Luminance Art


It is his passion to capture the kaleidoscopic world of the above and the oceans and bring it to life on visual and print – from the majestic beauty of the wide world above the sea into the vibrant coral reefs & intricate details of marine life. Not only has photography & scuba diving kept Zul in touch with nature, it has also built invaluable friendships among photographers and scuba divers who share the same passion.

Zul devotes his time by conducting scuba diving, underwater photography courses and giving talk during scuba exhibition held in this few countries like DRT Okinawa (Japan), TDEX (Thailand), DEEP Indonesia (Indonesia), DRT Shanghai, DRT Hong Kong (China) DRT Philippines, Brunei & FRANCE (Paris) that brings the mesmerizing world of the deep sea to scrutiny under his camera lens.



In recent years Zul experiment a technique using Luminance, he said with luminance species become more vibrant if apply correctly unlike strobe photography they are limited only by single white light source with Luminance there is more than 20 shade of colours to choose from and is all up to the photographer to imagine and create.


Luminance started

Luminance technique was discovered in 2001 by experiment with torch light and it was shown on his front cover publication title “Deep Secret”. Back in 2004 technology for LED was way to complicated to produce for underwater luminance however more than 18 years has past since he last did luminance photography but with current technology by MiniGear MS-03 producing series of lights it is just creating a bridge for future creative tools in photography for the art of bio luminance pedagogical. 


Photos by MS-03 Snoot Diving Light